English Poetry 2012

English Poetry – 2012/02/14 – One day someone crashed in my little world
where my rules where static and known
Things changed dreams turned to be possible
all I wanted was reachable and close
time rushed true my days like a summer breeze
all I needed was a path where I could run on
I’ve found my path I’ve found the way
with my dreams in my little pocket
I feed them with my smiles
I hug them with my words
I cares them with my foolish ideas
I know that the world has infinite chances
just need to believe… wispering to myself
“…if I want it…”
“…I can do it…”
And you? what do you really want
Just believe and get stronger fight for your dreams
follow your passion… no one will say to you “stop!”
because if it makes you happy who loves you
will blow in your sail to help you get where you want to go
In this moment there are no sad tears in my eyes
I believe in the words “it is” it just is and we can just live it
there is nothing bad in dreaming
there is nothing bad in following passion
following a wonderful little path
where we are able to run where we can fly…
fly like kids do in their day dreams.

English Poetry – 2012/01/25 – I can Fly! (the important thing is to really believe in what you say, if you do the others will believe it too)

English Poetry – 2012/01/18 – I do not care of people talking about you… I care of you and what you say about your self… they may say bad things and I can accept that… but you aren’t alowed to talk bad about yourself… love yourself and you will be loved!

English Poetry – 2012/01/10 – This life want last for long soon it will be gone… enjoy it and follow your dreams.