“You can’t tell by looking at a piece of paper what some of the strengths and weaknesses really are… […] Not only is it important to look at the technical skill set they have, but also the strengths on what I call the EQ side of the equation in terms of getting along and dealing or interacting with people” ~ Heidrick & Struggles CEO, Kevin Kelly ~

Nice Quote, and important interlude to what you can expect from Me,
the core of my experience would define me as a “Senior ORACLE PL/SQL Software Developer (+12y exp.)” plus “SEO Web Consultant/Developer” at those two strict definitions based on HRworld you can ad an easy gooing personality and a strong guest relations ability, Shake it all together ad some leaves of passion and a sparkle of bright shining responsability and team building skills, VOILA’ you have “Mr. ROSSI GREGORY”.

About Work and what I can do for You!
YES! We are speaking about companies and improving quality, thats what you want to know about, to speak about that, You should never lose Your focus on passion and the power of positive thinking while starting or improving your projects.
IT Skills and experience are important and a must but nothig if you lose
The Energy of passion, positive actions and great Team work, give an upper boost level to your projects.
Peak insede this pages, I’m sure You will find a ray of light in a complicated  technological metamorphic virtual world.
This website is a chance to have a step into my mind, where You can find your solutions there is nothing hidden, everything is there ready to be shared.
“Your mind is a wonderful instrument that can create infinite art works, use it in the WWW, Internet with all it’s tools and possibilities is a wonderful place where you can shape your creations with passion…” ~ Gregory Rossi ~

You need help to find your path to express yourself and spread your company mission? You really need it!? Then I can help You … a simple chat, an intense meeting with a cup of tea … sometimes just talking about it with somebody that has another point of view can open new doors You had not seen before to Make the difference for You and Your Company. Just one click away… Contact me!

This website has been created to satisfy my lust for WebDesign and Development, here you will find serious contents, web guides, intense words, images, web projects and everything that his mind has and will mould. 

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